about-colorSandy Bowers

Freelance web designer, consultant, art director


I create. It's my life assignment... to put imagery and words together to create great looking designs for my business and non-profit clients. It's what I've done for the past 25 years and it's what I LOVE to do!

My theory on graphic design is this: The end result will be most effective when you invest time and resources to focus on the message and the design. I will pick your brain and ask a lot of questions when we first get to know each other. Then I create "practical designs"... designs that really work for you.

Finding your favorite designer is like finding your favorite chair. It's gotta be a good fit. Some of my best clients are ones I've never met personally, but we communicate by phone and email. Mostly, I create designs and toss them into your inbox for review. One client said it was like Christmas every time she got one. That's my goal... Christmas for my clients all year long!

sandy bowers

contact-officeSandy Bowers brings 25 years of experience in creating for print and web. She offers professional graphic design to companies and non-profits in Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding upstate area and North Carolina. She's even created logos and design projects for companies as far as Florida. Her goal is that you can make the most of your web presence, your ad spaces, and your communications, whatever form they take by getting professional design. Sandy takes a practical, yet creative approach. She's not about flowery imagery, but more about meaningful graphics and copy writing. She works with your vendors or one from her list that are ready to help... such as programmers, printers, photographers and the like. You can expect "next level" creative services... identity and image that reflect where you want to be and where you're headed.