"Sandy's designs have been extremely effective in moving us up several notches in how we are perceived by the outside world. We have received multiple compliments on the products of her work. Sandy is a person of highest character. We recommend her without reservation to anyone needing assistance with design and brand development. You'll be thrilled with the results and you will find working with Sandy to be a delightful experience."

Wright Sullivan · President, A&E Engineering, Inc.




"I contacted Sandy based off her Linked In profile, and she immediately offered outstanding advice. We decided to re-imagine our logo, put graphics on our vans, and overall "up" the professionalism of our business. In our industry, that extra edge of professionalism can be lacking, but with Sandy's insight and creative talent we found ourselves standing out from everyone else. A year later I can definitely say that her work did more for our image and sales than any other single thing we have done."

Matt Baily · 20/20 Auto Glass




Sandy Bowers is so talented! I hired her to redesign the logo for my interior design firm in 2010. She did such a fantastic job, that I had her design a new website for us. I now rely on her for all of our graphic design needs including ads and signage. Besides being uber creative, Sandy is an excellent listener and very intuitive. And I love that talking to her is like talking to a really good friend. I'm so thankful to have her on the Panageries team!

Cynthia Masters · Panageries
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"We mailed out our first round of postcards on a Thursday. I got a call that Friday to quote a job that will be approximately $400k-$500k per year. Great job!"

Joe E.Hines, Jr. · Santuc




"Each time we team with Sandy Bowers I'm reminded of the excitement I had as a child Christmas morning... the anticipation of something wonderful in each file she sends us and the joy when we see our ideas brought to life. She exceeds our expectations every time."

Justine Allison · Brookwood Church




"One reason I love working with Sandy - it's as if she is one of our employees. She understands our mission and the nature of events like our Race for Compassion. She invests her heart and mind in our projects, taking the time to think of ideas and extras things to add, say, take away, and rearrange that makes it great! She even thinks of ideas outside the immediate project that will help grow our mission and help others know about us!"

Adele Little · Healing Species
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Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.

– David McCullough

sandy bowers

contact-officeSandy Bowers brings 25 years of experience in creating for print and web. She offers professional graphic design to companies and non-profits in Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding upstate area and North Carolina. She's even created logos and design projects for companies as far as Florida. Her goal is that you can make the most of your web presence, your ad spaces, and your communications, whatever form they take by getting professional design. Sandy takes a practical, yet creative approach. She's not about flowery imagery, but more about meaningful graphics and copy writing. She works with your vendors or one from her list that are ready to help... such as programmers, printers, photographers and the like. You can expect "next level" creative services... identity and image that reflect where you want to be and where you're headed.